In the current environment of accountability in education, it has become increasingly important to link interventions to improved student outcomes.

We have been working closely with
academic researchers around the world to underpin this work with robust scientific research.

“This program has helped students to identify and express their emotions.  I now do a “how do you feel today” activity at the beginning of my speech sessions.  Students who participated have made greater gains in understanding and expressing their emotions in therapy sessions and in the classroom.“
- Pittsburgh Conroy, Speech and Language Therapist

"I have seen great progress in one student in particular. After working on the projects in my art class, Lexi is more aware of her emotions and will verbalize if she is happy, sad, or angry. She normally did not use her verbal skills frequently and is gaining new confidence in speaking. She even stood on stage and did the pledge of allegiance in front of the school!"
- Pittsburgh Conroy, Art Teacher 

"Most children (83%) reported that attending the workshop improved their ability to interpret facial expressions; reasons given included that “it made me aware of individual facial features that express emotion”; “because I look at it in a different way”; “it made me see all the different things that change in each emotion”; “I can tell more expressions by glancing at a person or picture”; and “It taught me how to read people’s emotions”.
- Allegheny General Hospital’s Center for Traumatic Stress in Children and Adolescents

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"Kevin Spencer’s Hocus Focus program is nothing short of amazing. Our high school’s special education teachers agreed that they had never witnessed such a quick transformation in their students – both emotionally and intellectually. Kevin has the natural ability to bring special needs students to greater potential, empowering them through the use of humor and a very compassionate approach. I was inspired to the point of tears by the power and impact of his influence on the students. Awesome, to say the least!” 
- Thomas, Robbins, Dubuque, IA

"We have just finished a week-long residency with Kevin Spencer.  In that week of workshops in the community of people with special needs, we have made an enduring and important difference. Kevin's work, based in science and research but cloaked in the art of magic, is an example of how one person can make a difference in the lives of many. By teaching children, adults, caregivers, and therapists the simplest of techniques, Kevin delivers lessons of empowerment, determination and joy, one person at a time. This is incredibly powerful, and by facilitating Kevin's work here, the Lone Tree Arts Center has made a difference in our community that will be remembered, perhaps even more than some of the work we present on our stages."
- Lisa Rigsby Peterson – Lone Tree, CO

“Hancher Auditorium and the University of Iowa just finished an amazing 10 days with Kevin Spencer.  When we book artists, we select those who are experienced at partnering with academic areas of the university beyond the arts – or those who work well with community partners.  Kevin is one of those rare artists who can do both. Kevin totally transformed lives of Iowans who have never been touched by the arts before using his magic in a very thoughtful and personal way.  They will never forget his visit.  He ended our residency time with impressive work with the faculty and doctoral students in the University of Iowa Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science in the Carver College of Medicine.  It was a time in which we built relationships and partnerships that will continue to grow because of Kevin’s incredible work and commitment to making a difference in people’s lives.”
- Chuck Swanson, Iowa City, IA

We are three professional educators who believe in arts-integration to engage and motivate students to become better learners.

​This curriculum was designed for local, national and international educators, artists, therapists and researchers interested in discovering new ways to help diverse learners improve the skills they find challenging.

"...a vibrant and exciting learning tool; no other activities give our students quite this level of personal achievement!"


Alden Road Exceptional Center (FL)


"...a genuinely unique way to reach students..."


Miami University of Ohio


"The curriculum reaches across both categorical and disciplinary bounds."


Elon University (NC)