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"I have never seen an education program more organized and more effective than Kevin Spencer's. Every second of the class was utilized to teach something, but the atmosphere remained fun, safe and positive for the students: a remarkable balancing act. While the educational and skill building aspect of the class was hugely apparent to the teachers, the kids simply had fun. I was amazed at the impact this particular program had on the students in such a short time, and the teachers have all agreed with me. Kevin has a wonderful way with the students, and a truly sophisticated and worthwhile curriculum. I cannot have imagined a more beneficial program."

- Natalie Hall, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

“There are few events more transformative in a school than the presentation by the visiting artist or artist-in-residence. I have rarely seen that fact more effectively on display than in Kevin's workshops with teachers and students.  Teachers were fully engaged, upbeat, positive, hopeful - characteristics seldom seen among people whose every creative impulse is beaten down by paperwork and evaluation.  As I watched the teachers' delight in the experience, I was even more excited to see the dawn of recognition.  Kevin speaks their language!  He is a wonderful performer and an inspired educator.  He is extremely well organized and flexible - two important qualities when working with schools.  Magic as an educational approach is clearly his great passion in life. I would highly recommend Hocus Focus to any organization that has education and outreach as an important part of its mission.”

- Ellen Kimball, Athens, TN

HOCUS FOCUS™ incorporates simple magic tricks into the learning process to help students develop a variety of skills. It combines education and imagination to help children improve their abilities in planning, sequencing, organizing tasks and movements, fine motor skills, gross motor function/coordination, concentration, memory skills, communication, social behaviors, and so much more!

 “This was the most engaging training I have been to as an educator.”   Christel Polkowski – Griffith Elementary School

“This workshop will change my teaching forever!”   Megan Moga – Culley Elementary School

 “I feel creatively re-energized for teaching my students!”   Kim Lawson – Elementary School

“This was one of the best trainings I have attended – the time flew by.”   Nathan Anderson – Red Rock Middle School

“I see these strategies as being ways to break through to some of my students I haven’t been able to reach.”   Dana Longfield – Red Rock Elementary School

“This was great! After working 30 years in education, I finally have a tool to motivate special needs kids.”   Roger Bell – Thorpe Middle School

“These strategies could make the difference in helping some of my kids.”   Holly Boyd – Hummel Elementary School

 “I can’t wait to use these strategies. I am going to be the coolest teacher tomorrow morning!”   Renee Ara – Lunt Middle School

 “This workshop offered great ideas and strategies to help students learn.”   Patrick Jacobson – Deskin Middle School

"...a vibrant and exciting learning tool; no other activities give our students quite this level of personal achievement!"


Alden Road Exceptional Center (FL)


"...a genuinely unique way to reach students..."


Miami University of Ohio


"The curriculum reaches across both categorical and disciplinary bounds."


Elon University (NC)

We are three professional educators who believe in arts-integration to engage and motivate students to become better learners.

​This curriculum was designed for local, national and international educators, artists, therapists and researchers interested in discovering new ways to help diverse learners improve the skills they find challenging.

In the current environment of accountability in education, it has become increasingly important to link interventions to improved student outcomes.

We have been working closely with
academic researchers around the world to underpin this work with robust scientific research.