We are three professional educators who believe in arts-integration to engage and motivate students to become better learners.

​This curriculum was designed for local, national and international educators, artists, therapists and researchers interested in discovering new ways to help diverse learners improve the skills they find challenging.

"...a vibrant and exciting learning tool; no other activities give our students quite this level of personal achievement!"


Alden Road Exceptional Center (FL)


"...a genuinely unique way to reach students..."


Miami University of Ohio


"The curriculum reaches across both categorical and disciplinary bounds."


Elon University (NC)


CPR Analytics provides visual evidence to support student learning through arts-based activities. This cutting-edge, web-based application allows teachers to easily upload data and then provides visual evidence that students have made progress in five areas: cognition, motor skills, communication, and social skills while developing creative thinking. ​In a culture of standardized assessment that dictates funding for school programming, it is critical that the arts are recognized as being an effective instructional method that produces measurable learning outcomes. The CPR Analytics does just that!

In the current environment of accountability in education, it has become increasingly important to link interventions to improved student outcomes.

We have been working closely with
academic researchers around the world to underpin this work with robust scientific research.

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