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Alden Road Exceptional Center (FL)


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Miami University of Ohio


"The curriculum reaches across both categorical and disciplinary bounds."


Elon University (NC)

Director Special Education Programs - Carlow University

Susan O’Rourke, EdD has served as the Chair of Special Education and Coordinator of Instructional Technology at Carlow University for over 15 years. She earned a doctorate in Instructional Design and Technology (1999) and a Master’s degree in Special Education (1989) from the University of Pittsburgh. As a special education teacher at the Children’s Institute in Pittsburgh for 10 years, Susan developed an interest in technologies that support student learning and teaching effectiveness.  Her research focuses on the development of applications and approaches designed to improve student learning by harnessing the potential of innovative technologies. Most recently, results of her research have been published in the British Journal of Educational Technology and Teaching Exceptional Children

Assistant Director of Learning - Andy Warhol Museum

Nicole Dezelon is the Assistant Director of Education at the Andy Warhol Museum and an Adjunct professor at Carlow University and St. Joseph’s College. She holds a BS and M.Ed in Art Education. In conjunction with The Warhol Museum, she developed Art & Autism, a program designed for students who are on the Autism Spectrum, have sensory processing disorders or have experienced trauma. She received a Fulbright-Hays award in 2009 to take 13 teachers to Brazil to study the intersections of Art and Society. Since then she has led international teaching projects in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo. As a practicing ceramic artist she has worked at Leo Grilli Studios in Gubbio, Italy and High Gate Pottery in London, England and taught at The Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild in Pittsburgh, PA. Images of her clay work appear in the Lark Books publications: 500 Prints On Clay, Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques and Image Transfer on Clay.

Nicole Dezelon

Director - Hocus Focus, Inc.

Kevin Spencer is is an educator, artist, consultant, and social entrepreneur who believes in creating inclusive communities where everyone experiences an authentic sense of belonging and no one  is relegated to the margins.With more than 30 years in the entertainment industry, he is a world-renowned illusionist with dozens of accolades to his credit including the 2009 Merlin Award for International Magician of the Year and the 2015 Milbourne Christopher Foundation award for Illusionist of the Year. Spencer is also the recipient of the Harry Chapin Award for Contributions to Humanity. 

Spencer is faculty in the department of education at Carlow University in Pittsburgh, a research consultant for the Occupational Therapy department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a subject matter expert on arts integration for special populations for the U.S. State Department, and an Approved Provider for the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Susan O'Rourke

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Kevin Spencer

Who We Are

In the current environment of accountability in education, it has become increasingly important to link interventions to improved student outcomes.

We have been working closely with
academic researchers around the world to underpin this work with robust scientific research.

We are three professional educators who believe in arts-integration to engage and motivate students to become better learners.

​This curriculum was designed for local, national and international educators, artists, therapists and researchers interested in discovering new ways to help diverse learners improve the skills they find challenging.

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